JP ❤s TM(PO.S1.E6)

Oddie ventures where EVEN THE HARDIEST Moose-Scout troops fear to tread: THE PLUTONIC TIMBER, deep in the heart of the forest!
WILL he find Carly Figueroa–or what’s left of her–in the depths of that OTHERWORLDLY ARBOR?
HOW can he and Kitt get to the fried chicken buffet before all the friggin’ tenders and popcorn chicken get taken BY JERKS WHO HAVE NO RESPECT FOR THE HUNGRY LAW?
And WHAT on SOME OF OUR GOD’S green earth leaves footprints the size of a ten-year-old girl???
All of this and instructions on how to build your very own utility-cast on this, the LAST EPISODE of Peculiar Objects to feature Casey Hills!

Peculiar Objects is run by Thony “The Thing About Moosewood Trees” Moore and played by Nigel “The Groove Is In The Heart” Collins and Casey “A Snack-Dense Environment” Hills, who also edits and produces it. Find it and more of our shows on the Semiautomagic Podcast Network at semiautomagicinc.com, and follow us on Twitter @The_PO_Box!

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