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The Pizza Rat Of Twentywhateverteen (PO.S1.E0: Character Building) 

ProTAGonists, you’re ITgonists!
Meet Eddie “Oddie” Oddwards and Kitt Russell, Junior Lawman, two of the finest young dumdums a town plagued by spooklepated happenings could hope for!
Learn the origins of everyone’s favorite TINY, FREQUENTLY-INJURED DAREDEVIL, who will stop at nothing, who will risk ANYTHING, in the name of SWEET JUMPS.
THRILL at the first time he met the FIERY YOUNG MARSHALL, hot in pursuit of the STREETLIGHT KILLER, a POSSIBLY INHUMAN crepuscular menace!
FEEL THE COCKLES OF YOUR COLD, DEAD HEARTS STIR WITH WARMTH as a friendship is forged that will withstand the ages and the efforts of EVERY CREEPSOME WHATSIT that cares to crawl from the shadows and TRY ITS FRIGGIN’ LUCK!

Peculiar Objects is run by Thony Moore and played by Nigel Collins and Casey Hills, who also edits and produces it. Find it and more of our shows on the Semiautomagic Podcast Network at, and follow us on twitter @The_PO_Box!

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