This Is Public Science Now (PO.S1.E1)

STRANGE THINGS are afoot in Spencer’s Folly, Alaskanadia:WHERE has wee Carly Figueroa gone, and how the crap is Oddie supposed to do his science fair presentation without her? HE’S JUST A SMOL BOY.IF Johnny the soda-jerk is a vampire, how has he left the Four Corners Soda Fountain? AND ALSO HOW IS HE A TWICE-MAN?WHAT is Porky’s, some kinda barbecue joint?
The answers to some of these and more, and also a SHOCKING REVELATION about the true origins of volcanoes! YOUR SUSPICIONS WERE RIGHT ALL ALONG!

Peculiar Objects is run by Thony “Polybiamorous” Moore and played by Nigel “Cast of Thousands” Collins and Casey “The Third Nickname” Hills, who also edits and produces it. Find it and more of our shows on the Semiautomagic Podcast Network at semiautomagicinc.com, and follow us on Twitter @The_PO_Box!

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