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Legitimate Business, Inc. (PO.S1.E9)

(CW: This episode contains a depiction of verbal spousal abuse that some listeners may find upsetting.)

Filled with chicken and investigative spirit, Oddie and Kitt set off to confront the true power holding Spencer’s Folly in its manicured grasp: The PTA.

CAN your favorite boy sleuths stand up to the most influential organization in town, ONE EVEN MORE POWERFUL THAN THE ONE THAT HAS A COOL CLUBHOUSE WITH CHICKEN AND BILLIARDS?

WHAT is the connection between the Parental Township Authority and the children that vanish from town with EVER-INCREASING FREQUENCY?

WILL Oddie’s Golden Girls-themed poems make the finals in the school paper’s submission contest, AND THAT LUNCH WITH ESTELLE GETTY AND BURT REYNOLDS FINALLY BE HIS?

All this and a special celebrity guest stops by to give us home maintenance tips, this week on Peculiar Objects!

Peculiar Objects is run by Thony “Why Did It Have To Be Dinosaurs” Moore and played by Nigel “Sic Semper Tasty” Collins and Casey “Only Found Three Potential Episode Titles This Week” Hills, who also edits and produces it. Find it and more of our shows on the Semiautomagic Podcast Network at, and follow our twitters @Semiautomagi and @The_PO_Box!

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