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Keep Your Chronology Off Her Biology (PO.S1.E15)

Oddie, Kitt and their wee little dead girl go traipsing through an eldritch arbor!

THRILL as Kitt struggles to hold a team together, which is hard when one of your team members IS A GHOST, because, y’know, the ectoplasm.

CHILL as Oddie is just shockingly unkind to the Tiniest Specter with almost no provocation, COME ON ODDIE, just because she’s dead doesn’t mean good manners are!

SPILL as you weren’t careful enough with your PIPING HOT SOUP! Watch where you’re soupin’, knucklehead!

Peculiar Objects is run by Thony “Solid Woodsmanship” Moore and played by Nigel “For A Good Time, Call The Principle’s Mom” Collins and Casey “It’s Ghost O’Clock” Hills, who also edits and produces it. Find it and more of our shows on the Semiautomagic Podcast Network at, and follow our twitters @Semiautomagi and @The_PO_Box!

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