A Pastasocial Relationship (PO.S3.E4)

Well HERE WE DANG ARE, we made it to the PRESENT FRIGGIN’ DAY. And now we gotta go to WORK??? Maaaan, this is—hold on lemme check my 90’s-lingo flashcards—GRODY UNTO THE ACTUAL MAX. There’s NOTHING that could make this day better, not even a MYSTERIOUS HAPPENING or a VISIT FROM AN UNEXPECTED FEMININE PRESENCE.

Peculiar Objects Season 3 is run by Anthony Moore and played by Nigel Collins and Casey Hills, who also edits and produces it. Find it and more of our shows on the Semiautomagic Podcast Network at semiautomagicinc.com, and follow us on Twitter @Semiautomagi and @The_PO_Box!

Remember: If there’s a ding, there’s a sting!

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