Red, White, And Bleu Cheese (The Lightning Thief, Ch.3)

WHOA-OH, SAINT SALLY, BAM-A-LAM, we meet PJ’s mom and his stepfather MOST WICKED, who DOESN’T EVEN USE his discount electronics privileges to score PJ free HD-DVDs, new skins for his Zune or the latest breed of Furbo! Also he and his mom go to the beach to watch ANIMALS FIGHT EACH OTHER!

Be prepared to learn about the TERRIBLE FATE OF THE NOBLE BANANA, the TRAGIC GRAFFITI-SCARRED SHEEP OF IRELAND, and WHY BEN AND/OR JERRY TRIED TO KILL YOUR DOG IN THE NAME OF PURPLE, as we explore The Lightning Thief, Chapter 3: Grover Unexpectedly Loses His Pants, here and only here on this friggin’ thing!

And remember: If there’s a ding, there’s a sting!

The Jackson Two are William Mills and Casey Hills, who rhyme but are not relation. Editing and production is also by Casey. Our intro music is Good Evening Loop, and our outro is Weekender, both by Serge Quadrado.

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