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A Crossfade With Some Stank On It (The Lightning Thief, Ch.4)

PJ finally gets some friggin’ answers around here! And by ‘answers’ we mean ‘car crashes and emotional trauma’.

ALSO: A lecture in the KINETIC PRINCIPLES of BOVINE MOMENTUM from our visiting Professor of Cow Science, a brief aside on the time Doctor Doom was indisputably the victim of the Fantastic Four, and an introduction to the Rhodesian Ridgeback, which is ALLEGEDLY not a dragon, in our new segment Welcome To Doggo Corner, only here and only now as we discuss The Lightning Thief, Chapter 4: My Mother Teaches Me Bullfighting!

The Jackson Two are William Mills and Casey Hills, who rhyme but are not relation. Editing and production is also by Casey. Our intro music is Good Evening Loop, and our outro is Weekender, both by Serge Quadrado.

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