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A Mess O’ Potamia (The Lightning Thief, Ch.6)

ASSUME THE EXPOSITION, campers, ’cause Chiron and Annabeth are HERE TO EXPLAIN SOME STUFF, and WE ARE HERE to be PRETTY UNCOMFORTABLE with MUCH OF WHAT THEY HAVE TO SAY RE: DISABILITY. Ah, time makes fools of us all.
Also, the SHOCKING ORIGINS of a scam the United States military and medical apparatus have been pulling on us for a CENTURY, the PREVIOUSLY HIDDEN connection between The Shape Of Water and Star Trek: Voyager, and accidental prostitution shenanigans as we discuss The Lightning Thief, Chapter 6: I Become Supreme Lord Of The Bathroom!

The Jackson Two are William Mills and Casey Hills, who rhyme but are not relation. Editing and production is also by Casey.

Our intro music is Good Evening Loop, and our outro is Weekender, both by Serge Quadrado.

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