Bulletproof Joie De Vivre (Scions Of Camp Half-Blood, S1.E1)

Friend of the show Isaac kidnaps us and takes us to Camp Half-Blood, where he forces us to create personas according to strict and baffling rules, some of which may be in French! Come meet our characters for this inter-season RPG miniseries, and their animal familiars that you’re gonna care about more than the characters themselves (we certainly already do), and see if we can survive the summer in the first episode of Scions Of Camp Half-Blood! 
What blend of coffee did YOUR rat explode after consuming? Can a Harpy have a mohawk even if they’re actually a falcon? What wildly inappro-pro audiobooks did YOUR parents play on family road trips, and how did the wealth of John Grisham and Danielle Steele trivia you amassed because of them help you write your college application essay?

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