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Bloganuary ’23 Day 1: Goals For 2023


For those unaware, Bloganuary is a daily writing-prompt…game, I guess??? in the style of your Let’s Talk Bookishes and Top Ten Tuesdays and WWW Wednesdays and similar, courtesy of our Benevolent Sovereigns at WordPress, whose dark, undreaming sleep we pray will never be disturbed. WordPress: The Shadows Will Bleed And The Locks Will Break.
It’s pretty straightforward! You sign up (by clicking here, for instance), every day in January they send us a prompt, and you write about it, however much or little you like. That’s it! The idea is just to encourage consistency and community, and in my specific case, yelling, lies, and jokes for nobody. Let’s get to it!

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January 1st:
What Is Something You Want To Accomplish This Year?

Okay, look, can we just agree that since 2019 or so the main, unspoken goal for the given upcoming year has been living to see it, and that attempting to plan any significant distance into the future has been…optimistic at best.
THAT SAID, goals can be helpful if we allow them to guide but not control us, and remember that we can redefine them to suit our needs or as circumstances change, so let’s set some stars to sail ‘er by.

Goals For 2023

I could go on–am, in fact, known for going on–but I think this is supposed to be a light and low-pressure thing so I believe that, like the disappointing movie of the same name, this is where I leave you.

I’ll see you cats tomorrow, but a lot can transpire in such a span, so until then: Be good to yourselves, be good to each other, wear your goddamn masks, and let’s make 2023 wish it had killed us when it had the chance.

I have the honor to be your obedient servant,

–The Bageler

Don’t let go of my hand, now darkness has gone
This will be our year, took a long time to come

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