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Practical Paul And The Fairy Ring [Courtesy of Scary Stories For The Soul]

GANG I KEEP MEANING TO DANG TELL YOU, I got to do some guest voice-work for an old classmate/Facebook pal who has a podcast about folklore and spooklepations and similar, and asked me to read a short story about why you don’t fuck with the wee folk! Ironically, sharing this with you requires me to divulge my real name, which I trust you will not hold against me and will consign to oblivion afterwards. Give it a listen here or on your podcatcher of choice if you’d like to hear about a poor practical soul called Paul becoming an object lesson on the dangers of supernatural tourism, then go check out the rest of the catalog and become PERHAPS IRREVERSIBLY SPOOKED BY THE WORLD AROUND US!

Well at least you were of age, my dear
These days kids they grow so fast
You never wanted to be committed to the present
You’re too busy believing in the past

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