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A Rare Non-Jokes Entreaty For Your Help

Yeah hi, what’s happening in Hawai’i is fucking heartbreaking and yet another humanitarian disaster in a world that seems to grow ’em like goddamn lawn-mushrooms; here’s a list of ways you can help, take a look at whichever one best suits your means (and/or donate blood, a blood-drought has been on for years, that is not a joke), do what you can (and don’t fret what you can’t), and maybe tell a friend, or an enemy who hates you but isn’t like, a bad person, like Michael Bublé or John Fogerty could tell me about these and I’d at least forward the link to myself for later before pissing in a cup and pouring it into his air-conditioning unit:

  1. RED CROSS: Giving people hot food and phone-charging access, and helping them replace prescription medications, reading glasses, and other non-drugstore necessities; text “REDCROSS” to 90999 to donate $10 (through your phone bill I think?), or check here for more.

  2. MAUI STRONG FUND: Providing shelter, food, and financial aid for the displaced, donate here.

  3. MAUI FOOD BANK: Able to provide four meals for every dollar donated, more info here.

  4. MAUI HUMANE SOCIETY: Soliciting food donations and foster openings for displaced furfurs; donate to help offset animal medical costs due to burns and smoke inhalation here.

Please spread the word, share these resources (and ny others you might find) and do what you’re able, and you’ll have the rare and possibly fictional currency of a Bageler’s Favor to call in at your leisure; I’m a good person to have in your debt, because I take that shit way too seriously and let’s be honest, how much more damage could be done to my credit score anyway.

I’m a man of means as limited as any of us, but if you donate and provide proof in the form of a receipt or confirmation email or whatever, I will write a comic or book review or other post on a topic of your choice (subject to approval, be cool) ((I will not write about Be Cool)).

Thank you for your time and attention,

–The Bageler

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