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Other Pursuits, August 2022

Especially since the advent of this site, I've allocated all of my Media Enjoyment Action Points to the 'Comics' column, leaving only baseline levels, influenced by my stats and equipment bonuses, for things like Non-Comic Books and Video Games, to say nothing of non-media exploits. I can't remember the last time I woodburned a devotary… Continue reading Other Pursuits, August 2022

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Review: The Alleyman’s Tarot

So, back before Kickstarter imploded, it used to not only be where you could support your friend's creepy children's book or a new D&D campaign setting focusing on African myth with actual writers of African heritage or a reusable nylon bag that folds up into a little capsule, but also the place to find really… Continue reading Review: The Alleyman’s Tarot

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The Dispatch From My Office – May 2022

(The Dispatch From My Office is a column I write for my company newsletter in hopes of bringing a touch of the recognizably human to our employees from the management side; I reprint them here because I have fun doing and work hard on them and because, let us not deny it, dude's gotta post… Continue reading The Dispatch From My Office – May 2022

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Little Caesar’s Big! Big! Bucket: My Part In Their Downfall

It will come as no surprise to the gentle reader that in the midst of recording the preshow for a recent episode of our Percy Jackson read-through show The Jackson Two, I was waxing indignant about the lack of fast-food pasta options available, and was furious to be informed by William that Little Caesar's--you know,… Continue reading Little Caesar’s Big! Big! Bucket: My Part In Their Downfall

A hippo peeks out of the water! Aww!
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The Lost Cheese-Caves Of The United States, Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Hippo

I explore the SHOCKING CONNECTIONS between the American plan to domesticate the hippo, the Dutch and their role in the setting of the national speed limit, and what Yom Kippur and Kraft Mac & Cheese have in common!

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  ALONE IN THE WORLD WAS A LITTLE CATBLOG        BECAUSE YOU DEMANDED IT, or you would have, HAD YOU KNOWN YOU NEEDED IT IN ORDER TO CONTINUE PRODUCING YOUR BONES' PRECIOUS MARROWS. But now that's taken care of, so you're ahead of the game; go ahead and take a break, fix yourself a… Continue reading A GALLERY OF MY TERRIBLE CATS, EXHIBIT 1: HOLLAND

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The Dinosaur To Which I Am Heir, Or: I, Jerk

    Good evening. Thank you for joining me, and please feel free to help yourself to a frosty Fanta in the flavor of your choice, including Limited-Edition And Possibly Fictional Goozleberry.     Find below a photo-graph of Haplocanthosaurus Delfsi, a dead-ass thunder lizard first discovered in Colorado in 1954. Pictured is the most complete… Continue reading The Dinosaur To Which I Am Heir, Or: I, Jerk