I Crave The Cronch (Scions Of Camp Half-Blood, S1.E2)

The second episode of our Percy Jackson & The Olympians-based miniseries in the Scion TTRPG system! Join us for the inaugural Camp Half-Blood Annual Scavenger Hunt, now with REAL scavengers! THRILL as we face a series of challenges, each more FIENDISH AND ADORABLE THAN THE LAST for the ultimate prize: a TROPHY/RAT HOT-TUB! What nefarious… Continue reading I Crave The Cronch (Scions Of Camp Half-Blood, S1.E2)


Bulletproof Joie De Vivre (Scions Of Camp Half-Blood, S1.E1)

Friend of the show Isaac kidnaps us and takes us to Camp Half-Blood, where he forces us to create personas according to strict and baffling rules, some of which may be in French! Come meet our characters for this inter-season RPG miniseries, and their animal familiars that you're gonna care about more than the characters… Continue reading Bulletproof Joie De Vivre (Scions Of Camp Half-Blood, S1.E1)


Born In A Time-Portal, Raised In A Cave (PO.S3.E9)

Tad gets a lesson in workplace etiquette, beloved Canadian computer viruses show up and mug you where you least expect them, and don’t turn around, Der Kommissary’s in town! Oh! Right, also, maybe one of our beloved investigators ends up trapped in a dream-world with the Devil. Sorry, should’ve mentioned that earlier. It’s fine! We’re… Continue reading Born In A Time-Portal, Raised In A Cave (PO.S3.E9)

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Other Pursuits, August 2022

Especially since the advent of this site, I've allocated all of my Media Enjoyment Action Points to the 'Comics' column, leaving only baseline levels, influenced by my stats and equipment bonuses, for things like Non-Comic Books and Video Games, to say nothing of non-media exploits. I can't remember the last time I woodburned a devotary… Continue reading Other Pursuits, August 2022


Human Assets (PO.S3.E8)

Hello! Welcome to Ikea-Eh, the number-one employer in Spencer’s Folly and the most responsible custodians of that power and influence a sweet li’l town like this one could ever afford! Come take our factory tour, we got boxes for boxes! We got local government on our payroll! We got one way overmanaged guy called Tad… Continue reading Human Assets (PO.S3.E8)


Ingodnito (The Lightning Thief 2010)

We're joined by beloved local art-cryptid Tall Greg on a journey through 2010's floppingest attempt to do what JK Rowling having a Twitter account couldn't! Also William tells us where traitors, snakes, and alligators come from, Casey learns a lesson about bringing up Etsy in casual conversation, and Greg gives us a primer on the… Continue reading Ingodnito (The Lightning Thief 2010)


Groosebumps (PO.S3.E7)

YELLING AT A HOLY MAN! LOW BLOOD SUGAR! FURNITURE BARRICADES! I N S U B O R D I N A T I O N! Peculiar Objects Season 3 is run by Anthony Moore and played by Nigel Collins and Casey Hills, who also edits and produces it. Find it and more of our shows… Continue reading Groosebumps (PO.S3.E7)


Questile Dysfunction (The Lightning Thief, Ch.22)

Goodbyes. Betrayals. Prophecies fulfilled. This is the end. Also true secrets of reality television production techniques involving big ol’ rocks, William adopts a SHOCKING pro-littering stance, and after absorbing listener feedback we FINALLY incorporate some Jacques Cousteau-centric content. We hear you, we see you, we are confused by you but too afraid to disobey. Find… Continue reading Questile Dysfunction (The Lightning Thief, Ch.22)


Make America Grape Again (The Lightning Thief, Ch.21)

PJ brings the bolt home to its thunderin' daddy, has a family reunion, then a family deunion! Also, we pit our favorite nuts against each other in an amuse-bouche battle royale, William expresses confidence that he could take a 12-year-old in a fight, Casey’s long game comes to fruition in a shocking betrayal of the… Continue reading Make America Grape Again (The Lightning Thief, Ch.21)


A Game Of Break The Irishman (The Lightning Thief, Ch.20)

A family fracas on the beach escalates, claiming the life of at least one surfboar and producing the largest water-crater since the Halifax Explosion! LOOK PJ FIGHTS ARES, THERE'S NOT MUCH TO SAY ABOUT IT, but we find a way to say nothin' for an hour, and we thank you for the privilege in The… Continue reading A Game Of Break The Irishman (The Lightning Thief, Ch.20)