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Blaugust 2023, Day 15: A Hundred Silent Symmetries

I AM SORRY TO HAVE MISSED YESTERDAY’S POST. I had a bad brain day; nothing serious, just a big ol’ mental Foggy Bottom Boi settling down onto my noggin like a cat onto a television remote, heedless of whether I had things to do or whether I actually wanted to watch another episode of Star Trek: Voyager. (And given the unfortunate but unsurprising recent news about Robert Beltran ((and Roxann Dawson, though not recently)), that’s a mighty big ‘whether’.)
So I went for a walk, caught some Pokémon, ran for my life from the annual Giant Ants of Mesa (#irony?1), and called it a day. I trust that the entire Blaugust engine ground to a shrieking halt in my absence, and y’know what? Good. It should. But let’s pour some fresh oil into that engine, pour some fresh Diet Coke into me, and hit the road. Siri, do the thing.

#10: What are some things that
you do in order to stay creative?


Nah jkjk, that’s just good ol’ fashioned Protestant “avoid positive descriptors of self at any fucking cost” talking. The answer is simply that I consume/engage with/assimilate a lot of media, a lot of stories, that are similar in flavor to the kind I like to make and tell, and possibly more importantly a lot of it is about making art (or whatever they make), in both fictional and nonfictional/instructive frameworks. IT IS THE TIME FOR EXAMPLES:

By the way, I’ve been meaning to talk about this but don’t have enough thoughts for a full post on it, so this is as good a place as any: Animeta! is a really fascinating example, because it’s a manga about people who make anime, and accordingly it’s in almost constant conversation with itself regarding the translation of its ‘real world’ into animation, even though to us its real world is a two-dimensional cartoon built on many of the same rules as the art its characters are trying to create. I would never chastise anyone for reading ‘passively’ (if such a thing is actually possible) and not picking up on themes and similar, but if you’re paying attention it’s almost impossible to miss the way it tugs on the lines connecting our world, the world of the comic, and the world of the animation being made in the comic; this usually isn’t addressed directly (it’s far more interested in giving you fairly technical production details or telling you why the committee-investment funding system fucking sucks) but in a hundred silent symmetries and echoes from one level of the work to another across countless pages:

Go read Animeta!, it rules and it’s only 5 volumes! Speaking of which, apparently A Galaxy Next Door just ended last month with what I can only assume will be its 6th or 7th volume, which is a huge bummer but I’m also very relieved to see fewer and fewer manga cracking on for twenty, thirty, or more volumes; it’s not good for the creators, not good for us, and not good for our wallets. AS I WAS SAYING:

Games are not a less fertile medium for these kinds of things, but most that have anything you’d wanna hear will also require your attention, and unfortunately in this house video game time is podcast time, so that’s difficult. NONETHELESS:

THAT IS THE END OF THE EXAMPLES FOR NOW. I am OFF, to be bad at Mega Man 11 while we watch the new Only Murders In The Building, and then I have an appointment to try to get over how much Tiny Chef freaks me out. I know he’s a good guy! I know! He just–he’s a lot.


–The Bageler

All our cries were cried
Now there are no sides
Try selling that one to an angry mob

  1. #No. ↩︎
  2. Aside from the time I did this sick portrait of Usagi Yojimbo while I was bored at work. My old boss being a boring chud: the secret to creative success??? ↩︎
  3. Or whatever Adam feels like talking about that week; it’ll be well-researched no matter what ↩︎
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